Leg Chain With An Oriental Touch

Irrespective of the brand, there is nothing new today about shorts. So it might seem tough to come up with something that will set you apart no matter where you go when you are wearing these summer favorites. Also, tough you might put a lot of thought into your feminine outfits that include skirts or dresses, it’s not that easy to find the perfect combination that will turn heads and look daring, yet manage to be highly classy too. So it’s funny how a jewellery item can save the day.

This leg chain is truly something different that can make any summer outfit interesting. Many women never took into consideration this kind of jewellery so it should be the card up your sleeve every time you want to shine. I like the fact that it works nicely not only with shorts, but also with dresses or skirts. If it’s colder outside, you can even use it while you are wearing leggings. It looks amazing on a pair of black ones as the contrast really gets anyone’s attention.

I personally prefer to use it with denim shorts and high heels or platforms. But it looks great with more comfortable footwear like flats and sneakers too. The oriental touch and the nice details don’t force you to go the extra mile with your clothing and footwear. As a matter of fact, I think it is far more appealing when it’s being used with a casual outfit than with a posh one. It brings out the natural femininity of each woman. And we all know how important it is to look charming without making it obvious that we are trying really hard. A leg chain might seem like a bold choice for some women, but the fineness of this one makes it really stylish.

Leg Chain With An Oriental Touch

The leg chain is so discreet that it might look frail. But it’s stronger than it appears to be and it doesn’t seem that it will break anytime soon, though I admit I’m not always extra careful when wearing it. This intriguing piece of jewellery isn’t very complex, yet it is so unusual that it doesn’t go unnoticed. The oriental filigree charm it’s an interesting twist and makes it really elegant. Get a golden ring, a pair of fine earrings or better yet, a necklace with a quite resembling pendant and you’ll look like a queen. It can turn any casual summer outfit into a cool one, whether you aim to impress or not.

AngelsCrown Leg Chain With An Oriental Touch
£17.28 via Etsy


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