Roses are red, violets are blue, diamonds are forever and jewellery is the best present for girl for all occasions, more so on Valentine’s Day.

Hearts and diamonds are used to be the everlasting symbols of love for us, girls, that’s why, we expect to get such present for so special day, overwhelmed with pheromones. Heart shaped jewellery piece will do all your work – will express your deepest affection and show your love to special person. It will become perfect present from lover to lover, from mother to daughter, from sister to sister, even from friend to friend as a symbol of super strong friendship and confidence in one another.

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If you are looking for romantic present to confirm serious relation, without a doubt choose fabulous ring with sparkling gem in form of heart. A real fashionista will definitely love Jennifer Meyer ring with stunning lapis lazuli and diamonds. But if you are looking for something more frugal, take a glance at such items as Alex and Ani Romance heart wrap ring, it is plain but sophisticated, fits any budget and will be admired by girl with any style. As for me, I really felt in love with Ruifier heart ring. Its geometric lines and colorful gems, such as pink sapphires and blue topaz accents make this piece timeless and so unique. I wouldn’t refuse to accomplish my collection with this sample.

Necklaces and pendants are worn close to heart, so such gift can resemble happy moments you two passed through together. Some brands propose to personalize your present and engrave a word, name, date, phrase or even a poem on the backside of the heart, or you can leave a secret message inside a pendant if the design allows. It will add unique personal touch and make a present even more cherished. Depending on your budget you can find classy necklaces with heart shaped pendants at Asos, Monsoon, Zadig & Voltaire, Ted Baker, Tiffany & Co. or Chanel.

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Bracelets are very friendly gift. Famous and so loved Pandora propose gorgeous collection of pendants with hearts dedicated to Valentine’s Day, your BFF will definitely estimate the beauty of such present.

The London-based jewellery brand Stephen Webster together with Tracey Emin launched new luxurious collection, named “I promise to love you”, especially at Valentine’s Day. It is full of splendid necklaces, bracelets, charms and earrings demonstrating such words as “more passion”, “with you I breathe”, “love” and emphasizing the entire beauty of diamonds.

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No matter what present you will get on Valentine’s Day – luxurious designer necklace with heart shaped pendant bejeweled with diamonds or lovely handmade bracelet, be sure you are special, as love isn’t measured in carats and advertence already means you are loved. May your Valentine’s Day be special, love and be loved!

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