The only jewellery which stays with woman for all her not single life is engagement ring, so in such cases we, ladies, keep a principle of 2T – timeless, but trendy. As a rule, diamond jewellers draw inspiration from new wedding styles or celebrities, thus the jewellery industry has to find a balance between classic and modern style to satisfy the fastidious brides-to-be and to live out the big dream about perfect engagement ring.

Today I would like to introduce you the engagement ring trends for 2015.

Engagement rings with fancy diamond and gemstone

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It goes without saying that the most desirable are rings with white diamond as a centre stones, but in this season jewellers propose to change classic diamond into pink or blue sapphire or emerald. This is ideal choice for women who have predilection for unique jewellery.

If you prefer to be faithful to timeless diamond, but want to bring a colorful touch to the jewellery, pay attention to fancy diamonds. Natural diamonds occur in different colors, such as brown, yellow, pink or black. Such fancy diamond will add fancy and rare look to your ring.

Rose Gold

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Engagement jewellery items made from rose gold look very romantic and feminine. Their warm and tender coloring makes the ring a perfect match to any skin tone and shows the diamond to advantage.

Perhaps a “Gossip Girl” star and famous fashionista, Blake Lively, launched such trend choosing a splendid rose gold engagement ring.

Fancy diamond shape

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Forever stylish princess shape and round brilliant befit the woman with classic style. But in 2015 jewellers propose to try on such shapes of fancy diamonds as baguette, pear or oval.

The immortal symbol of romance and love is heart. After Lady Gaga showed her Instagram followers the luxurious engagement ring, the heart shape pieces have soared to the top engagement ring trends.

Twisted solitaire

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One of the timeless and classic ring styles is solitaire. But if you want to add a contemporary touch, draw attention on those which have twisted bands. Such design underlines the beauty of the center stone and looks voguish. Take a glance at Paul Sheeran Claw Collection for beautiful twisted solitaire rings.

Halo Engagement Ring

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The vintage-inspired jewellery always has a lot of lovers and each year the amount of them increases essentially. No doubt it is still trendy in 2015, but with tiny stylish corrections, like split shanks and double halo.

Halo design underlines the size and beauty of the gem in the center and makes the ring looks classy and elegant. Such ring will seduce a woman who adores Art Deco style and vintage jewellery.

Regardless of the fashion trends, every woman since childhood happily dreams about her perfect wedding day and ideal engagement ring which will be shining on her finger for the rest of the life. And a lot talented jewelers are working hard to bring to life our dreams.

I am very curious what is your perfect wedding day and engagement ring? Share your thoughts and dreams in comments or on Facebook page.



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