Endless Jewellery representatives have agreed to answer a few questions for our Blog.

Tell me about your business, what was your idea?

– Based on a philosophy of kindness, warmth, fun an elegance, we founded Endless Jewelry in early 2013 with the ambition to deliver a wide range of high quality, colourful bracelets and classic charms at an affordable price. With the firm belief that women make their own choices, also when it comes to what it they wear, we build a jewellery collection that lets women do just that: be their won designer, create their own look by combining the perfect match of colours, charms and looks.

Our readers will be interested of your plan for the future. Maybe you are preparing some new collection?

– Every spring and autumn Endless introduces new bracelet colours and charms. But this autumn 2015 we introduce a completely new bracelet design and leather necklaces.

New leather necklace collection: (http://www.endless-onlineshop.co.uk/Necklaces:::31.html)
Endless Necklace Collection:
Purple Sage
Blue Sapphire
Jennifer Lopez Necklace Collection:
Crème Metallic
Anthracite Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Pearl Metallic

New leather bracelet line with three strings:
Endless Collection:
Jennifer Lopez Collection:
Golden Sparkle
Silver Sparkle

What do you think about jewellery trends 2015?

– The jewellery trend for the next few years: leather bracelets! Regardless of whether single, double and triple wrap style. Colourful leather bracelets with charms will dominate the market in the future.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

– Since the beginning, our colourful design and product selection have been very well received. During the first 12 month, Endless Jewelry grew from a single shop in Germany to close to 3000 shops in more than 20 countries worldwide.

For Endless, the first year has been a true fairy tale. The continuation of our journey is up to you – and every woman who wants to decide for herself and show her true colours. Real luxury is the freedom to make your own choices without compromising on quality.

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Endless Starter Bracelet

Have you ever dreamed of unique jewellery which can personalize your style and can be worn for many seasons without being boring and old-fashioned? We do and our dream came true. Today we present you new venture from Jesper Nielsen, the creator of Pandora jewellery, Endless Jewellery.


Endless Jewellery is infinite variation of one bracelet. It is casual and edgy, elegant and stylish, classy and lovely. The bracelet is made of colored leather and available in three lengths (single, double and triple), in many bright colors and with more than 600 beautiful charms in silver and gold with pearls and gems, which you can find in catalog on the official website.


The variety of charming pendants gives an opportunity to use never-ending possibility of your imagination and create unique stylish bracelet, which underline your personality and perfect style.

Pandora sells only charms, while Endless sells Starter Bracelet and one of beautiful silver charms. Endless sells bracelets and charms, that’s why bracelets available in many colors and variations.

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Magnificent Spring/Summer Collection 2015 propose us bracelets in lovely pastel colors of lavender, mint and  beautiful rose, and more than 50 handmade charms in contemporary designs and shapes.

Pay attention to unique Jenifer Lopez Collection which includes bracelets in three colors (black, red and gold) made of genuine calf leather, which reminds reptile. Jenifer has signed a contract for being designer and spokesperson of the Endless for three years. Her face and her popularity are bringing huge success to the brand.

Jennifer 1-blog_zps2gu2buf9Jesper Nielsen, the creator of the brand, says that jewellery industry is a bit sleepy, it is not innovative and it needs new thinkers. And he is that new thinker who brought simple bracelets to new level and caused addiction to the Endless and Pandora jewellery among fashionistas of the entire world.

Classy bracelet with luxurious charm can become a gift which will bring eternal happiness to its owner. Be ready for endless adventures, fun and luxury with Endless Jewellery.



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