Emerald City

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Emerald City

British Jewelry House of David Morris has been created an emerald jewelry collection on the occasion of its 50th birthday. This year the House of David Morris celebrates the 50th anniversary since its foundation in London. Regarding this outstanding issue the brand presented a jewelry collection with gorgeous Colombian emeralds called «the Emerald City».

Emerald City

It’s no coincidence that this classic gem has been chosen for the anniversary because in the opening of his carrier David Morris brought in to his personal gem-stones collection an emerald, retrieved from the button of Indian maharajah frock. On one hand the gem was talismanic to the jeweler, on the other hand – it took 17 years to Morris to find a decent match with the same requirements and finally turn them into the real jewelry.

Furthermore, emerald is one of the whimsical stones which is fragile by its structure and can crumble to dust in the jeweler’s hands in a fraction of second if he makes the tiniest gross motion. That’s why collection of ten emerald jewelries is a sort of supreme proficiency verification of brand, and it’s virtuously exhibited in this piece of art.

These are jewelries of the same high-flier as Place Vendome’s Houses of age-long history. David Morris and his son who inherited the business were succeeded to gain mostly the same craftsmanship and make a statement in a precious classic. Fidelity to the Jeweller’s art principles are clearly manifested also in this anniversary collection where Columbian emeralds are preciously surrounded by sheer white diamonds in the each one-of-a-kind jewelry. It’s perfectly obvious that Jeremy Morris, the House current chief designer, created all the jewelries designs according to the shape of each gem, that’s why collection has no common style.

One of the gorgeous necklaces including 14 emeralds (by the way weighing 86.60 carats) looks like late 19th century classic, other earrings with the unique cutting each of the three stones and emerald loose, trimmed with an oriental arabesques trifle. But each jewelry singularity and individual touch builds up its dignity either the piece of art or investment potential. The main thing uniting all the items is an excellence level they have been designed with: twenty jewellery artisans creating masterpieces in a London brand studio know their business through and through – you cannot distinguish white gold in the frame, stone setting is delicate, designs are ethereal, flexible and perfectly symmetrically -shaped as well as the purity of the stones is unbelievable.

Next week Morris family visits Moscow to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the House local fans. I wonder which of these works of art will be presented here? Well, that is a next Watch/Jewel story…


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