Emerald is one of the four classic colored gemstones, along with diamond, sapphire and ruby and it is characterized by a brilliant, clear and distinctive green color which is unique in the precious stone world. Regarding gemstone information, emerald has a rich history, dating back 4,000 years ago in Babylon and it is the most renowned variety of the mineral beryl. Its vibrant and radiant green color is given by the presence of trace minerals such as chromium and vanadium.
Emerald Characteristics and Symbolism
Although the hues of emeralds range from yellow-green to blue-green and dark green, only those gemstones which are medium and dark green in tone and whose hues are very bright are deemed valuable emeralds. Just like all the colored gems, emeralds are graded using the four Cs ( cut, clarity, color and crystal or transparency). The largest producer of emeralds in the world is Columbia. The largest emerald in the world, weighing 172 grams and having 858 carats is called the Gachala Emerald and it is currently displayed at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

Thanks to their luxuriant green color, emeralds symbolize eternal life, rebirth, the very essence of nature, harmony, renewal, positivism, hope, growth, vitality, confidence and emotional balance. According to the Hindu culture, emerald green aligns the heart chakra ( which is the energy point) which balances all the chakras, promoting thus a mature, true love, creativity, freedom, expansion and higher consciousness. The emerald is the quintessence of uber luxury, abundance and opulence, but it is also a rare gemstone which also conveys an aura of calmness, spirituality and mystery and it is strongly connected with fertility and sexuality.

Historically, emerald was the gemstone of choice for couples who were looking to conceive, but had fertility issues. The healing properties of the emeralds have been recognized since ancient times, when Cleopatra, the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra wrapped herself in these verdant gemstones. In Ancient Rome, it was believed that emeralds had mystical and magical powers and people wore them for the purpose of soul restoration. To this day, emeralds are beneficial for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological disorders.

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