If you are a jewellery lover like me and own a fabulous collection of different pieces with precious and semi-precious stones, you definitely want to keep all items in perfect condition in order to use them for ages. Here are the easiest ways to polish your jewellery using simple cleaning tools found in the most bathrooms and kitchens. But different gems need different cleaning.

There exist 2 ways to return glitter to silver jewellery:

  1. 1. Put it into warm water, but not hot, then dry and rub with clean soft cloth all surfaces to make it shine.
  1. 2. If water is not effective, use commercially made silver polish cleaners. Simply apply it on soft toothbrush and polish, and then polish again with chamois.
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Don’t forget to put off silver jewellery before taking bath or swimming in the pool in order to avoid often cleaning. Light and air influence change silver, that’s why always store your silver items wrapped in cloth in jewellery box.

Diamond jewellery can be polished using this method:

Take ceramic bowl and mix in it one part ammonia with four parts water. This cleaner is safe for diamonds, gold and platinum and will remove dust from diamond pieces in few minutes. Put your jewellery into bowl for 20 minutes, after soaking polish each element with soft toothbrush.

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Be careful not to lose small gems, as it often happens that dirt is the only thing which holds the stone in place. Clean it over towel and avoid sink. Wash each item in warm water and let it dry on a towel to see a shiny result.

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Here is the way you can clean other precious stones:

Use warm water and dish soap to polish other precious stones. Add few drops of dish soap into deep bowl full of warm water, stir intensely to make bubbles. Put jewellery into cleaner for few seconds and remove quickly, wash with warm water.

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Examine whether all parts are on their places. If not take it to jeweller and don’t try to fix yourself. Let the jewellery dry and polish with soft cloth.

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Pearls are very delicate, so be careful while polishing them. Here is the most effective and safe way:

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Once in a while make preventative cleaning to obviate often polishing, as pearls can be damaged as a result of harsh polishing. Wear pearls after you apply make up and perfumes and always clean your jewellery after you have sweat or visited smoky rooms. Clean pearls with wet towel, then wipe with dry one. Finish polishing with soft jeweller’s cloth. Immediately put items into jewellery box after cleaning and store each piece separately wrapped into cloth to keep it in perfect condition for ages.



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