“When I do wear make-up, I would only use a brand I love. It’s the same with clothes or accessories – I value quality over quantity” – Drew Ginsburg, the founder of DylanLex.

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Famous massive DylanLex necklaces besprent with Swarovski crystals have already obtained hearts of all fashion icons from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner.

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Drew Ginsburg presented on her official website 26 necklaces, which are available to order. Every necklace is handmade, has unique name, design and history. Drew, former fashion designer, always wanted to work with sophisticated materials. Inspired by Iris Apfel and New York, she mixes in her jewellery different styles and materials, like chains, chokers, Swarovski crystals and even ancient coins. All necklaces perfectly conform to simple casual outfit, formal suit and evening gown.

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DylanLex necklaces are ideal combination of femininity and brutality.
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