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There exist things which have already become classics. Therefore we cannot imagine engagement ring without diamond, rock style without barbed, classic style without pearls and gypsy bohemian without turquoise. Bohemian style is becoming more and more popular and jewellery with turquoise have already become one of top 10 jewellery in must-have list of every fashionistas.

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The color of turquoise can vary from sky blue to green, depending of the composition of copper and iron. Its marvelous color stays in trend for many seasons and is especially desired in summertime when we all need something bright and fresh in our wardrobes.

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Boho style supposes a lot of rings and bracelets, and it will look brighter and more attractive if you add colors, like sky-blue. Have a look at silver hamsa turquoise ring at Etsy it will bring the owner not only happiness, luck and good fortune, but also a status of fashionista.

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Turquoise is a stone of protection, strong and opaque. Shop ethnic amulet ring with turquoise at etsy.com and maybe one day it will become a helidom protecting all your family.

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Effective massive ring with lazuline gem will add classy finishing touch to your gypsy outfit. Buy via ASOS for £8.00.

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For more elegant look pay attention to Sterling Midi Ring at ASOS for £12.

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Bohemian style and turquoise is the match made in heaven. Looking airily gypsy seems so easy, but it really requires a lot of efforts and attention to details like jewellery, especially with fancy turquoise.

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