The result of traditional gem-cut can be just a diamond of round shape. Modern jewellers consider this shape as etalon (because it provides the maximum gem sparkling and brightness). 90% of all the diamonds sold are round cut. The iconic facets of such a gemstone number are 57.

Diamond theory: cutting

All other cuts which are called fancy ones are emerged as an alternative to the traditional method. The thing is that round rough diamonds are rarity in nature, that’s why jewellers select the cutting which best fits the original shape to reduce the losses at the cutting process.

For example the Princess cut which is easily recognized by its rectangular face-up and straight corners is mostly equal to round diamonds with quality of sparkling and brightness, but the chase should protect the back-to-back angles to avoid chips.

The Emerald cut is specified by stepped rectangular shape with cropped corners and broad flashes of light when the gem is in the plain view.

The Radiant cut design is characterized with eight-square cropped corners and it’s usually chosen as a cutting method for large-sized stones to get the maximum brilliance.

The Marquise cut in a shape of classic boat is associated with a beautiful legend credited to Louis IX the Sun King who wished to create a diamond cut which reminded the smile of his beloved Madam de Pompadour. The Heart cut shape is unmistakable among the others but it requires special craftsmanship of the jeweller and before the purchase it’s strongly recommended to check the gem thoughtfully for hidden defects.

The Pear cut is also called the «teardrop diamond» when the gemstone is look like a drop. This elegant cut is often used in the earrings and pendants, and when used in rings it’s visually lengthen the proud owner fingers. This cut method is so efficient and practical that the biggest rough diamonds are processed with it.

In the oval shape stone is easily to track the Oval cut which is similar to a round diamond and usually wins by accentuated brilliance and colours sparkle.


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