Warm weather reminds us that summer comes closer and closer, and soon we will plunge into hot summer days and nights, full of bright events. Now it’s right time to decide what to wear with summer outfits. We have already written about top 10 jewellery for this season, but why stop on rings, bracelets and necklaces, when we can jewel a leg, waist, shoulder or hand. Hot summer weather bares beautiful women body and gives more place for imagination. Body chains are perfect way to beautify your body this season and stay on trend. Stylish chains on your body are easy to wear and mix; besides it looks extremely fabulous and seductive.

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This trend came to Europe from beautiful east women, who beautified their bodies with bright jewellery to make an extra accent on hip movements while dancing. Today the east tradition to wear long golden chains not only on neck, but also on all body captured hearts of all fashionistas.

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Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and many other famous stars have already fallen in love with body chains, matching it with casual look in everyday life as well as with luxurious evening gowns on red carpet events.

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Delicate golden chain on your neck that goes down to waist and falls on hip is ideal match to beach outfit; wear your bright swimwear bikini and forget about bracelets, rings and other jewellery. Besides body chains are perfect motivation for fasionistas who keep diet. Wearing delicate body chain you will be in the limelight on any event. This jewellery can also complete light summer dresses of different cut, skirts and jeans with low waistline and small tops. Golden chains will underline feminine lines of the body – slender waist and tucked belly; and show at its best your beautiful uniform tanning.

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Beautify any part of your body with chains – wear chains on ankle, shoulder and upper part of a hand, wrist and fingers, hip and belly or on the head. If you are not satisfied with your forms and are not ready to show bare body, wear chains over the cloth. You will look very effective in dress with shoulder-straps and chain jewellery falling onto your back and shoulders. If you can’t imagine your life without shorts, you can add to the outfit layered chains on the upper part of your leg. The right match of body jewellery will underline the beauty of woman body and fabulous style of its owner.

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They say “Sky is the limit”; we say “Fashion has no limits”! Be beyond the standards, experiment, imagine, jewel your body and be brighter than the sun this summer.

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