Marble is one the most luxurious material, which is used by human in architecture since 5th century BC. It has a property to shed the light inward the structure, which causes the effect of luminant halo. This is the reason why this mineral was called “marmaron”, which means in ancient Greek “shinny stone”. This roach is very plastic and lends itself to polishing favourably, which allows creating products of the most different forms. Time has no power over the marble.

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Nowadays jewellers experiment with materials in search of new classics. One of such materials is marble. We found marble jewellery in the collection of Melanie Auld. Melanie is creative young woman from small town Thunder Bay in Ontario. When she was 19, she moved to London to study fashion, but then understood her true passion was jewellery. Now she is travelling with her husband all over the world and draws inspiration for new fabulous collection of jewellery. She uses luxurious stones of the highest quality from different corners of the world.

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You can find in her collection splendid rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with ageless marble, which will refresh your everyday look. Melanie Auld brand propose cool and modern jewellery, which every fashionista should try on.

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In 2014 well-known brand Bulgari also used marble for their luxurious rings. They presented capsule collection b.zero1 with three kinds of marble. Bulgari designers have already drawn inspiration in ancient world for their earlier collection, making voguish necklaces in Roman style. Very offbeat mix of gold and marble has occupied attention of fashionistas and original jewellery lovers. The designer of b.zero1 collection, Anish Kapoor, told that collection with such stones as marble tossed a challenge to the standards of gold-work. It was more interesting to put into life ideas in unusual way using marble instead of boring diamonds.

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Find your perfect jewellery with marble – fabulous necklace, stylish ring, magnificent bracelets or lovely pendants. Your man can also try French cuffs with marble insertion to make a perfect match to your outfit. Marble jewellery was made for brave fashionistas in order to underline the precious style of its owner.

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  • Ann Abbitz

    I haven’t seen too much jewelry made with marble, as I have enough jewelry I’ve had for years and are to my taste. But looking at some of these pieces, I may have to check out some new pieces to add.I really love the colored rings(?) with gold, made by Bulgari….beautiful.