Girls of all ages love to wear jewellery. It is a way of appearing more glamorous and attract more attention. Due to this demand, there is a vast range of jewelry items that girls can choose from. Most jewelry manufacturers aim at incorporating characters or themes that girls love. One such example is Bear Jewellery.

Pandora Teddy-Bear

It is obvious that the vast majority of girls have teddy bears close to their heart. Teddy bears are a symbol of cuteness, coziness and fluffiness. Thus, a jewellery item that incorporates a bear is a must-have for many girls.

Bear jewellery items for young girls are very popular. These come as pendants that are hung to necklaces, or as charms that can be hung to bracelets. One will also find a nice range of earrings that symbolize a little bear on each ear. Obviously these items are made from various materials, including silver and gold.

Pandora Koala Bear Charm

There is a common tendency to incorporate zircons on these jewellery items so as to make them look more glamorous. For older girls, including both teenagers and young ladies, there are also jewellery items that are encrusted with diamonds. These are obviously much more expensive than those made from zircons. They are often given on very special occasions. Often one will be able to engrave a message or initials on these items so as to customize them further.

Pandora Panda Charm

One would be amazed at the vast range of bear jewellery available on the market. There is literally something for every girl, regardless of her age. The most common ones are the traditional teddy bear designs sitting down with their hands open wide. Then there are also those holding hearts, wearing ribbons around their necks, or with wings to resemble fairies. The choice of bear designs is truly endless, but even though they vary so much, they all have one thing common – they are all unbelievably cute – and that is their secret to being so popular!

Pandora a Hug Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Polar Bear Charm

thomas sabo teddy bear heart charm


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