Chamber of Commerce of Indian city of Surat submitted to devotees of unique luxury jewelries approval the artificial shell of fabulous size with money value of $470 000 (2,5 million rupees).

Swarovski artificial crystal shell worth almost of half a million dollars
An enormous shell imitating a marine borer shelter has been created by Indian designer Rajesh Bajaj. A vast number of acrylic paint and silver has been put out to create this marvelous shell of 1,67 m high and 0,9 m wide.

A handcrafted jewelry was embellished with 28 000 zirconia crystals of cubic shape.  Crystals were manufactured by a world-know Swiss company of Swarovski.  An ethereal beauty of super-shell has been obtained even without using of all-liked gold and diamonds.

After the precious shell has being flashed at the Jewelry Art Fair, the masterpiece was sold via auction. And all the proceeds of the posh jewelry sale were donated to charity.


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