Traditionally worn by Egyptian and Indian girls and unmarried women, ankle bracelets are increasingly popular nowadays among Western women as well, regardless of their marital status and age group. Also known as anklets, ankle bracelets represent a personalized and stylized form of adornment worn around the ankle. Wearing an ankle bracelet can either have a cultural significance or solely an aesthetic purpose.

An Overview of Ankle Bracelets

Formal ankle bracelets, which are made of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum set with or without gemstones or beads are typically used as fashion jewelry by some women. Casual anklets are usually made of leather, nylon, string or plastic with decorative ornate designs and they are worn more likely by younger women. Although they can be worn year-round, most women wear anklets during the summer season with strappy sandals or flip flops, in order to draw attention to their feet and to beautify their ankles.

Although anklets are typically around 10 inches long, they differ in sizes, styles, designs and metals. Knowing how to choose a bracelet for your ankle is very important, because it needs to fit perfectly, in order to be able to wear it without bothering you when you walk. The decorative aspect is not all there is to it; a proper fit, function of the anklet and properly working clasps are essential when choosing the right ankle bracelet. First of all, it should be neither too tight, nor too loose on your ankle. In case it is too loose, it could easily fall off when you step; if it is too tight, it can be very uncomfortable when you move.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that the clasps or closures work smoothly, in order to prevent it from falling off when you least expect it. They are many types of clasps on anklets. These include lobster clasps (which are retractable side hooks that meet a small loop and are by far the most popular), spring ring clasps ( which are similar to lobster clasps, but round), box clasps with/without safety ( square-shaped clasps with a metal wedge that locks into the box), toggle clasps ( T-shaped bars inserted through a loop; however, they are less secure) and hidden clasps ( box-like clasps which combine with the specific design of the anklet and typically have an added safety chain).

In addition, the specific circumference of your ankle ( very thin or thicker) should also be considered, because the anklet should suit you perfectly. If your ankle is thicker, you need to choose an anklet with a stronger and sturdier clasp, such as lobster and spring ring clasps. If your ankle is thinner, you should preferably choose an anklet with an added safety chain for security, in order to make sure it does not fall off, such as hidden clasps and box clasps with safety. This is why it is best to try it on before you purchase such a piece of jewelry.

If you choose an anklet with various gemstones, beads or other decorative items, make sure they are fitted properly and that they are neither cracked, nor loose. If they are cracked, they could scratch you when you walk and if they are slightly loose, you could easily lose them when you move. Simple metal anklets offer a distinctive, chic and elegant allure to any casual or fancy ensemble. Yellow gold is the traditional option for formal ankle jewelry, because it provides a timeless elegance, being classy yet always fashionable.

Platinum is the high-end alternative to more affordable silver, it is highly durable, it does not tarnish and it suits perfectly women with a very active lifestyle, who are always on the run. While silver anklets inspire a contemporary and vibrant feel, they also do not tarnish as opposed to sterling silver anklets. The latter should not be worn at the pool or beach or nowhere near water or sand. White gold is the less expensive alternative to platinum and it provides a modern, cosmopolitan and cool look.

In terms of flexibility, ankle bracelets are divided into flexible and inflexible anklets. The flexible ones incorporate materials which take the shape of the ankle and which are able to move together with your movements. They are by far the most popular and include metal anklets, string, plastic, jute and other natural fibers which mold perfectly to your ankle. Inflexible anklets consist of one-piece designs, they are typically made of flat sheet, wood or metal and they look similar to bangle bracelets. These type do not flow with the wearer, but they are extremely durable and more rugged than flexible anklets.


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