Qeelin heart-touching bears cannot go unnoticed. You just feel for take them and bring caringly at home. Jewelries rarely trigger such pure childish emotions. However for sure these are the samples of real jewelry craftsmanship unifying verified design and the ideal performance. Combination of the sophisticated marketing and uncommon thoughtfulness with lack of vanity in nowadays make Qeelin one of the most interesting developing jewelry brands. It’s sufficed to say that the Parisian Qeelin boutique is located in Jardine du Palais Royal, next door to Marc Jacobs store. Marc was one of the first bear’s possessors which he mostly never parts with.

qeelin taddy-bear

Funny BoBo panda-bear was born in 2006. «BoBo» in Chinese means «beloved», «precious». It’s made of white and blackened gold and, accordingly to its name, is embellished with black and white diamonds. Despite of panda is a purely Chinese symbol, BoBo is really similar to any European kid friend as Teddy bear. It brings you emotional outburst and you strongly feel for caress it. And actually, the touch will not disappoint you: the stones are fixed so perfectly that you feel just silky touch.

qeelin taddy-bear

BoBo is supposed to incorporate Eastern and Western aesthetics interaction. European children are grown up cuddling Teddy bears, and for Chinese panda is cherished as a symbol of peace and happiness. To this extend BoBo is not just a precious toy but some kind of symbol of peace.

qeelin taddy-bear


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