Diamonds have been an entire symbol of true love. But why these shiny precious stones fascinate all the women and make their hearts beat faster and eyes shine brighter? Do you know a lot about diamonds history? Today get ready to know all about diamonds – from gemstone shapes to the largest precious stone in the world.

The world’s leading diamond company De Beers organized master class in London for all the wishing to find something new and interesting facts about diamonds.


De Beers is an international company specialized in diamond exploration, mining, retail and trading. In 1900s they opened their first jewellery store in London, now in the same historical place where now De Beers headquarters is located you are able to find out some secrets about the brightest stones in the world. Can you just imagine how many gems these walls store? So now imagine what level of security you have to pass through in order to get into the building.

The master class starts from treating fancy jewellery from Forevermark, a brand which was established as one of the two brands from The De Beers Group of Companies in 2008. Their unique and fabulous engagement rings capture heart and the brand guarantees that each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with a promise: that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.


The first woman to be proposed with engagement ring was Mary of Burgundy. Archduke Maximilian of Burgundy gave her a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M” as a symbol of entire love. He is also responsible for the wedding ceremony and engagement traditions.

Now a little history… a long time ago high pressure and temperatures caused some magical process happened deep under the surface – carbon turns into diamonds. After they cooled down, Kimberlite magma lifted these luxurious shiny stones into surface. The oldest diamonds in the world are around 1 billion years old.


Since the first diamonds were discovered in 800 BC in India, they were involved with mystery. The Romans believed they were stars shards and the Greeks thought they were the gods’ tears.

In 1866 in South Africa in small town Kimberly a little boy found shiny stone while playing. He put it into pocket without placing emphasis on it. Some time ago this glittering waif appeared in hands of one doctor and gemologist who defined it was a diamond and named it Eureka! That’s how the diamond rush in Kimberly started. Cecil Rhodes owned almost all mines and in 1888 established De Beers company. In 100 years the diamond Eureka was bought at the auction by De Beers and was returned to African people. Now it is reposited in Kimberly Museum.


The largest diamond in the world – the Cullinan Diamond – was found in 1905 near the town Pretoria in Africa. It was 1.37 lb and 3,106 carats. This fabulous finding was divided into 9 stones of big size and 96 small diamonds, and then given as a gift to Edward VII. Nowadays you can see them in the Crown Jewels, which are stored in the Tower of London.


De Beers Company was also the one who inculcated that diamonds are forever! When it comes to diamonds, this phrase is the most popular and true. A young copywriter Frances Gerety invented this unique slogan in 1940s, when she was working on marketing campaign to raise sales after the Great Depression. Since that time every lady knows that diamonds are FOREVER!


One of the most significant and important year in De Beers Company was 2004, when they launched their brand named Forevermark, which became a symbol of allegiance and attainment. The experts from Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp made up the strictest criteria and estimate each stone for the highest standards. Not more than one percent of world’s diamonds deserve to be marked with the Forevermark stamp. If you have this mark on your jewellery, be sure you get the best of the best – the best clarity, carat and color. Such masterpieces take generation of unique mastery to be manufactured.


Every Forevermarked diamond stone has its own mark and number in testimony of promise of the best quality, rarity and nature. The inscription can’t be seen with naked eye, only using equipment which is unique to Authorized Forevermark Jewellers.


Explore this luxurious unique jewellery by yourself, as this is the only way to make certain of its forever exclusivity. And remember the most significant among diamond facts is that they are girls’ best friends!




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