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We like to talk about Jewellery and we love to discover new trends that impress us even more than the previous year. Fashion does not stand still. This year one of my favorite trend is ear cuffs. In this post I would like to show you the best across-ear earrings that I am most impressed. And of course don’t pass my previous post about wonderful outfits  7 Reasons To Wear Across-Ear Earrings.

ear cuffs worn2Bwild

Black Bead Ear Vuffs by worn2Bwild

via Etsy £15.00

ear cuffs

Hmong Vue Ear Cuffs Child Of Wild

via ASOS £45.00

sif jakobs ear cuffs

White Single Left Ear Cuff by Jeff Jakobs

via Jewel Hut £115.00

Pearl Ear Cuff BraveChickLLC

Pearl Ear Cuff by Pearl Ear Cuff BraveChickLLC

via Etsy £78.47

iloniti ear cuff

Emerald Swarovsky Ear Cuffs by Iloniti

via Etsy £67.74

swarovski ear cuff

Earcuff Earrings by Swarovski

via Jewel Hut £49.00

maya valentino ear cuffs

Topaz Ear Cuffs by Maya Valentino

via Etsy £42.95

HedgehogProject Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs by HedgehogProject

via Etsy 25.61




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  • Kaya

    Whoa wait are you gone mad, those are the awesome designs I’ve ever seen. Emerald Swarovsky Ear Cuffs are taking my breath away. Looking forward for more designs. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maria Metz

    Where can I find the earrings in the picture right above this?