Anxiety is something we all feel from time to time, it’s actually very common. As with all issues like this especially if it’s very serious you need to be doing all you can to reduce the problem and following any advice given by your medical practitioner. Always use crystal therapy in conjunction with any treatments you may have been prescribed and not as a substitute.

Here are my personal recommendations for crystals for anxiety and worry. Some you will have heard of before but others may be new to you. As always see what works best for you.


Turquoise brings your energy back into balance. It helps reduce stress and worry, soothing your anxieties. This blue green stone is deeply healing, try sleeping with it by your bedside.



This red and orange crystal can help with feelings of depression. It can be used to release you from the past. It clears fears and helps reduce negative thoughts and anxiety.



Hematite helps centre and ground you. Another good one for helping with depression and finding your inner strength. Assists those getting through periods of worry and anxious thoughts.


Shiva Lingam

This earthy stone is both balancing and grounding. It helps you feel more secure. Smaller ones can be carried with you and handled when you feel anxious, like a worry stone.


Blue Lace Agate

This delicate blue crystal is very calming and can get you through troubled times. Let this stone soothe you and help you release anxious thoughts and feelings.


Aqua Lemuria

This aqua blue green glass has a balancing effect on the aura and the emotions. It gently clears your energy field and brings calm to your mind.



Brings emotional healing, soothing stress and worries. Light green Infinite helps access the well of calm deep within you.



This magical crystal comes in many colours and colour combinations and is an excellent balancer. Fluorite brings calm to the mind and your emotions. Helps you get unstuck and better focus the mind.




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