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Across-ear earrings aren’t really new to the fashion scene. However, some women still haven’t tried them and prefer to wear regular earrings. If you are one of them, it is time to find out the great advantages that across- ear earrings have. You might be surprised to discover new all-time favourites. Without further ado, here are 7 reasons to wear across-ear earrings:


1. They are intriguing.

Do you want to have a memorable style? An ear crawler is the ideal way to achieve that. They are interesting and you won’t fail to impress.

Across-ear Earrings

You can go for Swarovski ones created by Iloniti jewellery designer as those one are not only the most beautiful across-ear earrings that you could find but also the most versatile ones as well due to the variety of options. That means you can adjust your choice according to the occasion.

2. They are fashionable.

If you thought that an ear cuff can only be made of silver and there are no complex designs out there, think again. Original designers can create little masterpieces that can be the centrepiece of your appearance. The runways started to feature them more and more often, so you can bet that these accessories are trendier than ever. Still, there is no need to break the bank. There are great ones available on Etsy.

3. Climbing earrings will help you diversify your style.

Sometimes you might get bored with your regular style and want to try something new. That might be challenging in terms of clothing as you might feel uneasy trying something out of your comfort zone. But an ear cuff is easy to wear and won’t bother you at all. It will give your outfit an interesting twist and you can rest assured that everyone will notice the difference.

4. Celebrities wear them too.

Celebrity Across-Ear Earrings

Let’s face it: when a celebrity wears something, that item gets a bit more appealing, particularly if we are talking about pop icons. They are often the trendsetters, right? You can get inspired and use the climbing earrings to give you that extra glamour that stars have. No one minds a bit of extra attention and being compared to a celebrity, right?

5. They are great for short hair.

If you chopped off your locks, you might be worried sometimes that you lost touch with your femininity. But a modern ear cuff like the ones created by Iloniti jewellery designer can help you look more graceful than ever and emphasize your beautiful features.

6. You can use them as your new statement jewellery.

Statement Across-ear earrings

If you love accessories, you might have tried them all so far. The ear crawler can be like a breath of fresh air if you are out of ideas. You can go for the boldest most beautiful across-ear earrings that sparkle in the sunshine as they are great eye-catchers. Refresh your jewellery collection with these kind of earrings and you won’t regret it.

7. They can help you channel your inner rebel.

Are you tired of always playing it safe when it comes to trends and style because you are afraid it will be unflattering for your body type? An ear cuff can be the change you need.

Across-ear Earrings

It’s not too over the top and won’t make you insecure about any body part. Everyone can use it without worrying about anything.


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