How to Choose Jewelry
I want to introduce you with a quick and useful guide about how to choose your first jewelry. If you still keep your body without it, then check this out!

1. Do not buy a garment which you like at the picture or showcase. Jewelry should definitely be tried. And perhaps, more than once.

2. It’s better not to buy anything massive and flashy. And don’t look toward to buy a lot.

3. The first jewelry you have got should be desirable and what is also important can be worn every day.

4. Listen to your feelings – jewelry should cause an excitement and inner trembling.

5. Rings are never out of the fashion. But if a few years ago celebrities preferred necklaces then now the earrings are on the top of fashion. I would recommend to amass your diamond collection with the earrings also. They are really glorifying you. And they clap eyes on them immediately because they are so close to face.

6. All women wish to receive jewelry as a gift, but it’s obligatory to choose your first jewelry by yourself rather than relying on someone’s taste, preferences and financial afford abilities.


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