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Getting married is definitely one of the most important events in anyone’s life. So of course you want everything to be flawless from the start. The first step to the new chapter in your life is finding an engagement ring you like. Yet that’s not so easy as you’d wish it to be.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s hard to find an engagement ring you like.

1. You want your future bride to love it.

wedding rings and engagement ring on wooden background in the frame of pink roses. Shallow focusOf course you do. Once you’ve picked your better half, you want to sweep her off her feet when you pop the question. So make sure you pay a bit of attention to her jewellery preferences. Look at the items she currently owns. Then get the same metal and appropriate designs. You can’t go wrong if you get something that she already loves.

2. There are so many options.

There sure isn’t a shortage of engagement rings out there. They come with various designs, metals and gemstones. Regardless of your preferences, remember one thing: the more you’re diving into the ocean of options, the tougher it will be to choose one. So it’s best to browse a bit without going overboard and spending many weeks just admiring engagement rings.

3. You want it to be perfect for many years to come.

Once your beloved partner likes it, you can be sure that it will be just right even when you’ll both be old and your engagement will be a memory that makes you smile. So don’t sweat too much trying to find perfection embodied in a ring. Don’t postpone proposing for the sake of a timeless design.

4. The budget might be inconvenient.

Some men fear that the engagement ring is like a statement of their financial situation and that everyone who lays eyes on the ring will have an idea about their wealth. It’s important to establish a reasonable budget. It shouldn’t be neither too low, nor excessively high. While it’s true that this ring is the most important jewellery purchase you’ll ever make, it shouldn’t empty your savings  account.

There is a plethora of wonderful engagement rings that come with fair and pretty low prices. You can always substitute diamonds for cubic zirconia or platinum for white gold or even silver. Discover the alternatives. You’ll see that it’s possible to stay within budget and to find a ring that will impress as well.

5. You don’t really know what to get.

jewelry diamond shop displayThis is one reason that can easily get you stuck. If your future bride-to-be doesn’t wear any jewellery on a regular basis, you might be confused. Try to bring up the topic of jewellery in a conversation and then to ask a few questions. It’s best to be subtle and not to ask out of the blue. Integrate the questions in a day-to-day discussion as if just to pass the time and find out a bit more about her preferences.

If you’re out of ideas, just suggest a ‘This or that’ game where you ask yourselves random questions to get to know each other better.


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