Statement necklaces have stood in trend for already few seasons and we punt on this trend for the next season at least. Choosing the right necklace, you can transform your casual dull outfit into classy and glamorous look. Luxurious statement necklace will change boyfriend jeans and plain t-shirt into unique and stylish outfit, while massive one can be a single accessory to beautify a certain dress.

The most we like the idea of mixing statement necklaces with something very simple, like white shirt or blue jeans. It is the best and easiest way to make simple looks gorgeous. This trend can make such a huge fashion statement, that sometimes it seems discourage and dismay. So in this post we give you 20 useful advices, which in its turn give you new ideas and inspiration how to wear statement necklace in its best.

1. Chambray shirt and red lips look classy together, but add statement necklace and your outfit will become hauntingly beautiful.
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2. Wearing pattern top and black pants seems boring? Try to dilute it with bright bold necklace.
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3. It’s summertime – the perfect time to denim shorts.
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4. Even in cold autumn or winter the statement necklace will add ladylike elegance to warm cardigan and high boots.
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5. For rock-n-roll chic mix graphic top with bright glamorous necklace.
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6. Gray t-shirt and statement necklace in neon colors is a match that has been made in heaven.
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7. High heels and fancy necklace will transform even boyfriend jeans into stunning outfit.
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8. Choose a necklace the same color that one of your outfit items.
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9. Dilute your forever trendy total back with sparking massive necklace.
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10. Wear few different necklaces for more unique look and bigger statement.
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11. Want to make white dress looks more sophisticated? Add bright statement necklace.
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12. Little black dress is always appropriate with shiny necklace.
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13. Use a bib necklace to make your top looks more elegant.
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14. Try on double trend – overall and shiny statement necklace.
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15. If you adore classics, mix massive necklace with striped top.
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16. Many bright colors in one outfit are ideal for hot summertime.
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17. Massive necklace will add fresh hint to elegant and severe buttoned-up shirt.
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18. Have no time to prepare for party? Wear maxi dress with statement necklace for stunning effect.
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19. The easiest way to make elegant midi skirt look fancy.
19 1919
20. Bright flimsy shirt with long plain statement necklace is ideal day-time outfit.
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Follow these advises, experiment and find your ideal way to wear statement necklace. If you have more ideas how to match this hot trend, share your ideas in comments.



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