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A good necklace is an accessory which can turn your casual outfit into classy, a simple t-shirt into trendy. There cannot be too much necklaces in jewellery box, so don’t miss a chance to save your money and to treat yourself with luxurious new thing. Today we present you 10 best monthly deals from in ASOS, which will help you to turn your money in fabulous jewellery investment.

Pilgrim gold plated charm necklace, which is ideal accessory for everyday wear.

Was £27.99 and now £7.00

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Beautiful orelia torque and evil eye two pack necklace set makes two functions – protects you from evil eye and adds a stylish touch to your outfit.

Was £22.00 and now  £7.00

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Pieces aula pearl chain necklace is one of those statement necklaces which doesn’t require additional jewellery for divine look.

Was £20.00 and now  £7.20

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Rock-star look for £4.50? It is possible with oasis diamond metal collar necklace, which has cost £12.00, but now you can buy it with 30% discount

Was £12.00 and now  £4.50

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Don’t miss a 50% discount on beautiful ASOS multi row horn & chain tassel necklace, which is perfect for layering.

Was £12.00 and now  £6.00

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Cheap Monday concealed necklace will help you to make a fashion statement with one item.

Was £30.00 and now  £8.00

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Classy Orelia Multi Row Necklace will add an extra chic to any outfit.

Was £32.00 and now  £22.00

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Designsix Festival Necklace will help you to make a perfect bohemian summer look.

Was £33.00 and now  £18.00

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Flirty Nali necklace with bead spike detail is massive, with bright details and stylish; in one word it is perfect for summer. Don’t miss attractive price, just £8.00 instead of £25.00

Was £25.00 and now  £8.00

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Do not lose any sleep over perfect jewellery for your top. Buy ASOS top in smart textured fabric with necklace with double benefit – get a blouse and necklace.

Was £45.00 and now  £28.00

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